CIS offers a healthy, safe and positive environment for the well being of our students. CIS has a very dedicated team of residence staff who help students develop personally and academically. Every staff has a team of 10 students. They mentor the student’s day-to-day activities and look after their daily needs.

CIS provides free medical insurance to all the residential students. A panel of doctors is attached with CIS to ensure the best of health to our children. Security of the campus is maintained at highest level with security guards and supervisors on duty “24/7”. They ensure that no student leaves the campus without authorized permission from the Head of Boarding.

Contacting your child

CIS ensures that children get sufficient time to speak to their parents thrice a week. School provides four different phone numbers only to the residential students to speak to their parents. They can talk to them using video conferencing as well.

Possession of mobile phones by the students is not allowed on the school premises under any circumstances and will be confiscated permanently and a disciplinary action will be taken against the student.